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.: This comm provides links for Carson-centered fics. These links will be organized in groups according to several criteria: genre, pairing or theme. There are many fics available on the net, but we will try to filter out those that are obviously not betaed or have big canon mistakes (unless they’re AU). Other than that, you should find fics of all types and flavours here.

.: For each fic, the posting format is:

.: If the fic is a WIP, we will mention this in the Warnings section. When there are updates, we will edit the post as soon as possible. However, if you do find a mistake/change that we’ve missed, please let us know by commenting.

.: You are free to recommend a fic. Please provide all the information required in the Posting Format and your personal opinions about the fic and why it's worth reading. If you would like to submit just a link for future listing, put it in a comment to one of the other posts (not other rec posts).

.: If you wish to recommend a comm, advertise a ficathon or something like that, you may do so. These posts will remain for seven days and then be deleted. Posts that have nothing to do with Carson fics will be deleted immediately.

.: If you would like to help with the thematic posts, please comment to this post

.: If you would like to affiliate, comment here