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Long Carson fics

The fics in this category are long (above 20.000 words), multi chaptered fics, focused on Carson or team fics where he plays a big part. For each one, you’ll find information about the pairings, overall rating (for detailed information about each chapter, you should read the author’s notes), relevant warnings and status info (WIP/completed).
If any of the information is wrong, please let me know so I can correct it. I haven’t read al of them, so I included only the information provided by the author. The summaries given are the ones given by the author. If I couldn't find one, I've written mine. Everything that I added is in italics.
The fics are ordered alphabetically.
If you know any other fics which fall into this category, please leave me a link.
If one of your fics is in this list and you want the information changed or wand the entry to be removed, please let me know and I'll do it as soon as I can.

1. Adrift by AlphaPegassi
(Carson/John, T, Complete)
Summary: Carson gets abducted, John gets desperate. Angst and whumpage ensues.

2. Aleatoric Life by SGAtlantisLight
(Carson/Rodney/John, NC-17, Complete)
Warning: deals with the aftermath of rape
The three of them have to adjust after an off world mission.

3. Alone in Your Mind by James
(McKay/Sheppard, Beckett/McKay/Sheppard, NC-17, Complete)
Summary: Carson Beckett encounters a piece of Ancient technology which changes his life in more ways than one.

4. At What Cost by nebbyJen
(Gen, PG-13, Complete)
Summary: Caught in the middle of a bloody civil war, Sheppard and Beckett become separated from the rest of the offworld team. When a rescue team returns, only Sheppard is found. Ronon takes it upon himself to remain behind and search for the physician.

5. Back From the Well by Xanthe
(Carson/Rodney/John, NC-17, Complete)
Warning: scenes of rape and torture
Summary: Atlantis has been invaded and her people sold to work as slaves.
Extract: "I just want it back to how it was before. You, me, John…nothing good like that ever happened to me before and it's all falling apart. I can't look at Radek without remembering the plantation and being thrown down against that bloody well and, and…and you're walking around with the weight of the entire galaxy on your shoulders and John…John isn't John at all! There are some things you can't just tidy up, Carson."

6. Collateral Damage by Nel
(Gen, 15+, Complete)
Summary: Experimenting with the Chair, both Rodney and Carson are caught in an explosion. Rodney is left in a critical condition, Carson is hurt, and the Chair is badly damaged. An investigation suggests Carson caused the accident, and soon he is fighting not only to save his friend’s life, but to clear his name, and save his career. Then John makes a discovery that shocks them all!

7. Contrasts by Kamelion
(Gen, 15+, Complete)
Summary: The team find a sophisticated world which holds promises of weapons for their fight against the Wraith. Unfortunately, trade with Barus turns out to be more complicated than they thought.

8. Device by IAmRightHere
(Gen, 12+, Complete)
Summary: Beckett, Ronon and McKay are accidentally absorbed into an Ancient device designed to treat mental illness, and now must fight for their sanity…and their lives.

9. Fearless by Murron
(Gen, PG-13, Complete)
Summary: A sleepless night finds Carson wandering off into the depth of Atlantis. What starts out as a somnambulant venture soon turns into a nightmare he is unable to escape.

10. Horse by nebbyJen
(Gen, PG-13, Complete)
Summary: A recent shipment of fresh supplies to Atlantis brings a new kind of trouble to Sheppard and the rest of the gang. (It's a team fic, but Carson has a big part in it)

11. The Howler by Heather F
(Gen, PG, Complete)
Summary: The team and Beckett go off world to look for an energy source and offer medical aid to the locals and run across some trouble.

12. The Human Body by Waldo
(Carson/John, NC-17, WIP - the chapters can be read as stand alone pieces)
Summary: Not all relationships start with a bang. Some take time and a lot of patience (and the occasional intervening friend)

13. Life Without by Kat Reitz and Perryvic
(Carson/Rodney, Carson/John/Rodney, NC-17, Complete)
Warning: non-con, violence
Summary: "It's... I'm not even sure it'd work. It's only a thirty percent chance you'll be enough of a match, and my DNA isn't what it used to be, and..." And he was running out of excuses and he didn't even know why he was making excuses, because his sister was crying. His sister was crying because of him, and Rodney didn't know what to do except take his hands out of his pockets, reaching to try to... something.

14. Lost in My World by Jersey13
(Gen, 12+, Complete)
Summary: Dr. Carson Beckett is lost in my world, kidnapped by one of the most corrupt organizations in the city of Lae'yere. So now I must choose: With whom should my loyalties lie?

15. Mind over Matter by Dr Dredd
(Gen, 15+, WIP)
Summary: John starts to develop some interesting abilities after returning through the time-dilation portal. Takes place between Epiphany and Critical Mass.

16. Missing by Nel
(Gen, 12+, Complete)
Summary: As Rodney and Carson are returning to Atlantis, their Puddle Jumper is shot down by an old enemy who takes them hostage. As those back on Atlantis try to mount a rescue, their efforts are hampered by the fact vital pieces of equipment keep going missing, and the main suspect is Jinto.

17. Moments Sacred and Profane by Mice (scroll down a bit for the list of chapters)
(Carson/Rodney, NC-17, WIP - the chapters can be read as stand alone pieces)
Summary: This series follows Carson and Rodney’s relationship since they meet in Antarctica. It goes AU after the end of season 1.

18. Monsters by flah7
(Gen, G, Complete)
Summary: McKay and Beckett run into trouble while exploring uninhabited parts of Atlantis.

19. Peccary Fog by Heather F
(Gen, PG, Complete)
Summary: Beckett’s off world with another team. They are late in returning to Atlantis. Sheppard, McKay, Teyla and Ronon go looking for them.

20. Possession by SGC Gategirl and Girrlkitty
(Gen, 18+, Complete)
Summary: When ancient computers and the trust get involved, McKay and Beckett fight for the right of free will—can they regain control before it gets out of hand?

21. Shadows Of Yesterday by nebbyjen
(Gen, 12+, Complete)
Summary: A hidden society has adapted to the genetic mutations of an ancient weapon that has left them with a colorful outlook on life, until contact with visitors from Atlantis begins to pale their perspective. Only the combined efforts of both will be able to stop the next metamorphosis before it turns deadly. (Team fic with lots of extras from Atlantis. But, yeah, mainly the guys….)

22. Somnus by Sealie
(Gen, PG-15, Complete)
Summary: The teams plus Carson visits an uninhabited planet, where they learn new things about the Ancients.

23. Sympathy for Eve by SGAtlantisLight
(Carson/Rodney, NC-17, WIP)
Warning: mpreg
Summary: When Rodney gets turned into a woman for a month, he decides to experiment, but little did he know it could have unforeseen consequences.

24. Taken On Trust by Ann3
(Carson/Laura Cadman, T, Complete)
Summary: Beckett's greatest strength can also be his greatest weakness.

25. Touched By An Ancient by Ann3
(Carson/Laura Cadman, K+, Complete)
Summary: One way or another, Carson Beckett has to face his fears, and accept his destiny.

26. Under the Skin by SGC Gategirl and Girrlkitty
(Gen, 15+, Complete)
Summary: A little accident with Ancient technology, puts Beckett and McKay a little closer in touch with the Ancients than they originally anticipated, but will they survive the encounter?

27. The Well of Souls by Jersey13
(Gen, 15+, Complete)
Summary: A Rescue mission goes awry, and a virus is let loose on Atlantis! Will they find a cure in time? [Carson-centric team fic, Rated T for creepy situations and mild violence]

28. When it Snows by nebbyJen
(Gen, PG-13, Complete)
Summary: When Beckett, Teyla, and McKay become lost in a snowstorm, they must rely on each other if they are going to survive.

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